On the Seen Out Loud podcast, formerly Seen and Heard, host Matt Anderson engages in stories and conversations that recognize transformation of the U.S. foster care system starts with seeing families for who they truly are. Through deeply personal stories from families who’ve experienced the child welfare system, we understand the value of human connection in affecting change. And through conversations with leaders on the front lines of the family well-being movement, we see real possibilities for shaping a future where families are seen, engaged, and have what they need to thrive.

About the Host

Matt Anderson, MSW, Director, Institute for Family, is a social worker who has seen the power of a story well told to shift perspectives, inspire new ideas, and transform systems. In 2011, Matt produced the award-winning film, “From Place to Place”, which told the story of America’s foster care system through the eyes of three young adults who aged out and then set out to change the system. Today, he serves as Vice President of Programs and Business Development at Children’s Home Society of North Carolina. Matt helped to estbalish Institute for Family because there is a clear need to partner with families to imagine and create new approaches that promote family well-being and reduce our reliance on foster care. Please be in touch with Matt about stories that can shift perspectives about what families need, leaders and innovations that are advancing family well-being on the ground, and anything rleated to child weflare in film and media. Matt can be reached at information@insituteforfamily.org.